Episode 61 - Steve Erickson (feat. Matt Luter & Mike Miley)


In Episode 61, we welcome the highly celebrated, multi award-winning American writer Steve Erickson, author of ShadowbahnTours of the Black Clock, These Dreams of You, and a host of other novels and non-fiction.

To help celebrate the release of Conversations with Steve Erickson, out now from University of Mississippi Press, we're joined by the book's editors, familiar faces on the show, Matt Luter and Mike Miley, who talk with Steve about the book itself, his body of work, his latest online piece "American Stutter," music, film, and lots more. 

Stay tuned for the Patreon bonus episode in two weeks, where Matt and Dave talk to Steve about his favorite novels of all-time.  


Show Notes:

Conversations with Steve Erickson: https://www.upress.state.ms.us/Books/C/Conversations-with-Steve-Erickson

Literary Conversations Series: https://www.upress.state.ms.us/Series/L/Literary-Conversations-Series

"American Stutter" by Steve Erickson (from Journal of the Plague Years): https://www.journaloftheplagueyears.ink/long-player-special-edition

Steve Erickson Official Website: https://www.steveerickson.org/

Steve Erickson Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Erickson

Matt Luter Website: https://matthewluter.com/

Matt Luter Twitter: https://twitter.com/matthewjluter

Mike Miley Website: https://www.mikemiley.com/

Mike Miley Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikecmiley



Matt's appearance on the Beyond the Zero podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5v3OcB0IPDcvzpydFH8x2s?si=Ap5clHZESWCmJskwwUzZNg&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1&nd=1

David Jensen's Society 6 store: https://society6.com/infinitejensen

David Jensen on Twitter: https://twitter.com/infinitejensen?lang=en

David Jensen on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/infinitejensen/?hl=en

Howling Fanbot on Twitter: https://twitter.com/howlingfanbot?lang=en

DFW Amsterdam Conference 2021: https://www.dfwsociety.org/dfw2021/

DFW Masterclass with Allard den Dulk: https://www.nica-institute.com/event-masterclass-metamodernism-new-sincerity-post-critique-25-years-after-wallaces-infinite-jest/

DFW Austin Conference 2022: http://www.dfwsociety.org/dfw22/


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Episode 60 - Brandon Hobson


In Episode 60, Dave and Matt are joined by National Book Award Finalist, Brandon Hobson, to discuss his brand new novel, The Removed, as well as his other tremendous fiction. 

Notable links: 

Order The Removed - https://www.harpercollins.com/products/the-removed-brandon-hobson?variant=32126575837218

Healer of the Water Monster by Brian Young (Heartdrum imprint) - htthttps://www.harpercollins.com/products/healer-of-the-water-monster-brian-young?variant=32269101989922

Brandon's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brandon.hobson.7/?hl=en

Brandon's Twitter: https://twitter.com/bwhobson

The Mother and the Whore (La Maman et la Putain) film - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mother_and_the_Whore


*Sorry for the barking dog near the end and a couple of Zoom glitch sounds. 


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Episode 59 - Introducing….Concavity Show


In Episode 59, Dave and Matt make a special announcement about the podcast, and outline a host of exciting changes! 


There is also a Jessica Anthony Enter the Aardvark giveaway contest, so hang in til the end. You have until the end of July 15th to email us your entry! 


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*Due to some technical issues, you'll notice a shift in audio sound around the 14:20 mark, so sorry for the jarring change. You'll get used to it in no time! 


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Episode 58 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Chris Via of Leaf by Leaf


In Episode 58, Dave and Matt are joined by YouTube creator Chris Via of the Leaf by Leaf book review/discussion channel. A special surprise guest also makes an appearance that was about impossible to seamlessly edit out! 

We discuss Chris' excellent book channel's origins, primary preoccupations, Chris' recent re-read of Infinite Jest, the joy of reading, and a host of other great books and authors. 


Show Notes:

Leaf by Leaf Homepage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZAGMLh7Gh38MjmHeHDTnzw

Chris' Infinite Jest video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOcMmriW0xQ&t=2403s

Leaf by Leaf Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leafbyleaf_official/?hl=en

Leaf by Leaf Twitter - https://twitter.com/leafbyleafvlog?lang=en

Growing Sentences with David Foster Wallace - https://kottke.org/09/03/growing-sentences-with-david-foster-wallace


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Episode 57.3 - 2020 Year in Review (Feat. Grace Chipperfield) - Part 3


In the third and final installment of our 2020 Year in Review episode, Dr. Grace Chipperfield joins us to talk about her Ph.D. thesis on Wallace, and the music and board/video games that stood out this year. 


Show Notes:

TGC's Best of 2020 Music Playlist: 

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/playlist/54cVYaPoAuOOCRFygJjYH9?si=_JT7ZtK6Su63rd_2DOMYoQ

Apple - https://music.apple.com/ca/playlist/best-of-2020/pl.u-zPyLLE5tZxBPNl

Grace's Playlist - https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7qHeOMoSBTHdMRV9nM5VQP?si=1tFzStCITkuS80d6v_g3og

Aidan Knight "Veni Vidi Vici" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lmw64PXdJ9g


Contact Grace: grace.chipperfield@flinders.edu.au


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Episode 57.2 - 2020 Year in Review (Feat. Chris Ayers) - Part 2


In Part 2 of our 2020 Year in Review, we talk to old friend of the show, Chris Ayers, our resident film and TV specialist, about the year in screen-based entertainment. 


Part 3 with Grace Chipperfield coming soon! 


Find Chris' amazing Wallace-related and design work here: 

Poor Yorick - https://pooryorickentertainment.tumblr.com/

Professional - http://www.chrisayerscreative.com/

Redbubble - https://www.redbubble.com/people/cwayers/shop/?collections=999954

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/chrisayerscreative/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/chrisAcreative


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Episode 57.1 - 2020 Year in Review (Feat. Matt Luter) - Part 1


Given our Year of Collective Quarantine, we had so much to talk about w/r/t our literary and pop-cultural consumption, that we have a three-parter for our 2020 recap.

In Part 1 here, we talk to old friend and recurring guest of the show, Matt Luter, about his productive year in reading, and ours. We hope you find a slew of new books to add to your stack.

Part 2 coming in January.

Happy New Year to our wonderful listeners, and ode to a much better 2021!


Find Matt Luter on Twitter: https://twitter.com/matthewjluter


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Episode 56 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Jessica Anthony, author of Enter the Aardvark and The Convalescent


In Episode 56, we have the great pleasure of talking to Jessica Anthony about her exceptional new book, Enter the Aardvark, as well as our classic favorite, The Convalescent, which you've no doubt heard us mention over the years. Jess unpacks for us her views on the imaginate power of fiction, 19th century British taxidermy, and some of the most expensive luxury goods on the planet. 


Show Notes:

André Breton “Manifesto of Surrealism - http://www2.hawaii.edu/~freeman/courses/phil330/MANIFESTO%20OF%20SURREALISM.pdf

Zadie Smith – “Fascinated to Presume: In Defense of Fiction” - https://www.nybooks.com/articles/2019/10/24/zadie-smith-in-defense-of-fiction/

Buy Enter the Aardvark (Little, Brown) - https://www.littlebrown.com/titles/jessica-anthony/enter-the-aardvark/9780316536134/

Buy The Convalescent (McSweeney's) - https://store.mcsweeneys.net/products/the-convalescent

Jessica on Instagram - @entertheanthony


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Episode 55 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Christian TeBordo, author of Ghost Engine and Toughlahoma


In Episode 55, we're joined by writer Christian TeBordo, author of the recent short story collection Ghost Engine, and novel Toughlahoma. He's the director of the creative writing program at Roosevelt University in Chicago, and a colleague and friend of recent guests Adam Levin and Kyle Beachy. 


You can buy his excellent books here: 


Ghost Engine - bookshop.org/books/ghost-engine-stories/9781732366732


Toughlahoma - bookshop.org/books/toughlahoma/9780986086908


You can read some of his short fiction here:


"The Star Thrower-Thrower" https://www.alwayscrashing.com/current/2018/3/26/the-star-thrower-thrower




"How We Lived on Mainstreet" https://vol1brooklyn.com/2018/12/02/sunday-stories-how-we-lived-on-main-street/


Christian on Twitter: https://twitter.com/xtebordo



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Episode 54 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Martina Testa


In Episode 54, we talk to Martina Testa, Editor at Edizioni SUR, and one of Wallace's Italian translators and interpreters. The conversation explores her background with discovering Wallace's writing, getting contracts to translate his work, the Italian fervour surrounding him, and her friendship with Wallace. 


You can find Martina online in these places:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/martinatesta

Edizioni SUR Website - https://www.edizionisur.it/chi-siamo/


Connect with The Great Concavity here:

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Episode 53 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Adam Levin, author of Bubblegum and The Instructions


In Episode 53, we're joined by the writer Adam Levin, author of The Instructions, Hot Pink, and the incredible forthcoming novel Bubblegum, which releases April 14, 2020. In our conversation, we talk a good deal about the new novel, Adam's experience reading/thinking about Wallace, swearing, parrots, swearing & parrots, metafiction, and other fun topics.

Show notes:

Adam's website: https://www.adamlevinadamlevin.com/

Order Bubblegum - https://www.indiebound.org/book/9780385544962

Guernica excerpt of Bubblegumhttps://www.guernicamag.com/bubblegum/?fbclid=IwAR39CVIwDGSW9KZm7rrzGA7DaMEAG4sLpf7lxjHVZq4wEvtYZpo2LJW7s58

Order The Instructionshttps://store.mcsweeneys.net/products/the-instructions

Order Hot Pinkhttps://store.mcsweeneys.net/products/hot-pink?taxon_id=1

"Kid Positive" The New Yorkerhttps://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/03/02/kid-positive

"Kid Positive" interview, The New Yorkerhttps://www.newyorker.com/books/this-week-in-fiction/adam-levin-03-02-20


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Episode 52 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Jon Baskin


In Episode 52, we talk to Jon Baskin, author of the exciting new book Ordinary Unhappiness: The Therapeutic Fiction of David Foster Wallace. Topics of exploration in the conversation include Freud, Wittgenstein, and hating Ben Lerner (or not). 


You can find out more details and buy Jon's book here, through Stanford University Press: https://www.sup.org/books/title/?id=29316

Jon’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/BaskinJon

The Point Twitter and website: https://twitter.com/the_point_mag & https://t.co/QV9prYnta5?amp=1

On The Hatred of Literature - https://thepointmag.com/letter/on-the-hatred-of-literature/


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Episode 51 - 2019 Year in Review (feat. Mike Miley)


In Episode 51, we bring on our resident film expert and Episode 38 guest Mike Miley to talk about our year in books, movies, music, TV, and games. 

Show Notes: 

Link to Jeff Tweedy & George Saunders interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWlKCB1JCG0

2019 Playlist (iTunes): https://music.apple.com/ca/playlist/the-great-concavitys-best-of-2019/pl.u-yZyVVY3tYq2akv

2019 Playlist (Spotify): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6blJyhTb9QdKFB1qdyc9ug

Mike's Book: https://www.upress.state.ms.us/Books/T/Truth-and-Consequences

Mike's Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikecmiley?lang=en

Approaches to Teaching Wallacehttps://www.mla.org/Publications/Bookstore/Approaches-to-Teaching-World-Literature/Approaches-to-Teaching-the-Works-of-David-Foster-Wallace


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Episode 50 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Michael McGowan & Martin Brick


In Episode 50, we talk to Michael McGowan and Martin Brick, the editors of David Foster Wallace and Religion: Essays on Faith and Fiction, out now from Bloomsbury Academic: https://www.bloomsbury.com/us/david-foster-wallace-and-religion-9781501345289/

Contact our guests: 

Michael McGowan: prof.mcgowan@gmail.com

Martin Brick: brickm@ohiodominican.edu


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Episode 49.2 - Discussing David Foster Wallace & Don DeLillo’s Letters


This is the second and final episode covering Wallace and DeLillo's correspondence, housed at the Ransom Center Archive in Austin, Texas. 

Show notes: 

1996 Leonard Lopate interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ4AeIRKbfwhttps://www.wnyc.org/story/56878-david-foster-wallace/

1996 David Streitfeld piece: https://craigfehrman.com/2010/05/05/details-1996-profile-of-david-foster-wallace/

Robyn O'Neil's show at The Modern, WE, THE MASSEShttps://www.themodern.org/exhibition/upcoming/robyn-oneil-we-the-masses-/5115

Robyn O'Neil pop-up shop at The Modern: https://shop.themodern.org/collections/robyn-oneil


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Episode 49.1 - Discussing David Foster Wallace & Don DeLillo’s Letters


After a very busy summer, Dave and Matt reconvene to discuss the Wallace/DeLillo correspondence housed at the Ransom Center in Austin, Texas. This will be the first instalment of a several-part episode, as there's a lot here to cover!

Five Dials, David Foster Wallace Memorial - https://fivedials.com/files/fivedials_no10.pdf


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Episode 48 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Yonina Hoffman


In Episode 48, we're joined by Yonina Hoffman. Yonina is PhD student at the Ohio State University. Her work centers around, you guessed it, David Foster Wallace.

In this discussion, we cover a range of topics around DFW's work and Yonina's dissertation. We discuss voice, narrative, voice, humor and other issues that track across Wallace's career. Yonina has also presented on Updike and New Sincerity so we ask her about that.

You can find Yonina on Twitter: @yonina. She also has this nifty website: http://www.yoninahoffman.com/


Contact Dave and Matt:

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Episode 47 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Jim Gauer, author of Novel Explosives


In Episode 47, we're joined by Jim Gauer, author of the excellent Novel Explosives, a book you've no doubt heard us mention in recent conversations. Jim is a mathematician, published poet, and self-described as the world's only Marxist venture capitalist. 

In this discussion, we cover a range of topics around Jim's book, it's relation to Wallace's sensibilities and Infinite Jest, the dangers of hyper-capitalism, the anxiety of influence, lethality enhancement, and a host of others. 

Jim's book can be purchased through your local bookstore (which he most encourages), with the backup plan of online sales (though he implores you to avoid giving Jeff Bezos more money to fuel his space colony dystopia, if possible) - http://zerogrampress.com/2016/10/08/novel-explosives/


Links discussed:

Jim's interview with Michael Silverblatt on Bookwormhttps://www.kcrw.com/culture/shows/bookworm/jim-gauer-novel-explosives

Jim's interview on Eye 94https://www.mixcloud.com/lumpenradio/eye-94-4-15-2018-jim-gauer/

Jim's Paris Review poetry: https://www.theparisreview.org/poetry/2778/will-this-thought-do-jim-gauer


Contact Dave and Matt:

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Episode 46 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Marshall Boswell


In Episode 46 we talk to Rhodes College professor and O.G. Wallace scholar Marshall Boswell about his new book The Wallace Effect: David Foster Wallace and the Contemporary Literary Imagination, out now from Bloomsbury Press!

As usual, we bash Franzen a bit, get some overview of the central novels addressed in Marshall's book, and discuss the recent trend of "Wallace Snark" online. 


Contact Dave and Matt:

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Episode 45 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Kyle Beachy


In Episode 45, we get to talk to Kyle Beachy, Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing at Roosevelt U in Chicago, and author of the novel The Slide. In it, we discuss his extensive teaching of Wallace's work to creative writing students, his novel and writing on skateboarding, and get some great book recommendations from him (Kyle being one of the most well-read people Matt knows, which is saying a lot). 


Things we said we'd link to: 

Growing Sentences with David Foster Wallace - https://kottke.org/09/03/growing-sentences-with-david-foster-wallace

Kyle's "The Deep Seams: A Search for Fun in David Foster Wallace's Peoria" - http://theclassical.org/articles/the-deep-seams

Dave's skate video part (from around 2002) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-4BV-tbwMk

Kyle Beachy's (apparently outdated) website - http://kylebeachy.com/

Kyle Beachy Twitter - https://twitter.com/kylebeachy

Kyle Beachy Tumblr - http://themostfunthing.tumblr.com/

James Dahl Memorial Harry Ransom Donation - https://utdirect.utexas.edu/apps/utgiving/online/nlogon/?menu1=HR**


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Episode 44 - 2018 Year in Review


In this episode, Dave and Matt talk about their favorite literary and pop-cultural artifacts from the past year. This episode offers a contest as well, associated with the following music playlist. Good luck!

TGC's Favorite Music of 2018 (iTunes) - https://itunes.apple.com/ca/playlist/the-great-concavitys-favorite-songs-of-2018/pl.u-pMyll2jh4KoErM

TGC's Favorite Music of 2018 (Spotify) - https://open.spotify.com/user/concavityshow/playlist/6Gkdv29x9bpXIIzmmlWolO?si=V2aBBNKASm-70W12xwfn0g


Show Notes:

*Correctional note* - When Matt was talking about Robert Coover in Marfa, he meant Robert Creeley.

Dante Society - https://www.dantesociety.org/

The Great Concavity on Twitter - https://twitter.com/ConcavityShow

The Great Concavity on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/concavityshow/?hl=en

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Episode 43 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Bo Butler


In Episode 43 we meet our nemesis Bo Butler of Pynchon in Public for the inevitable postmodern fiction podcast throwdown. Join us as we discuss the history of our beefing over literary turf and all related topics!

Episode 42 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Esther J. Cepeda


In Episode 42 we talk to Chicago-based journalist and teacher Esther J. Cepeda about her love of Wallace, annual Infinite Jest reads, and other related literature and pop culture. A huge thank you to our Patrons as well on #ThankYouPatrons day today! 

Show notes: 

Esther's favourite cards - Art of Play - https://www.artofplay.com/collections/playing-cards 

Esther's Twitter - https://twitter.com/estherjcepeda

Great Concavity on Twitter - https://twitter.com/ConcavityShow

Great Concavity on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/concavityshow/?hl=en

Email us - concavityshow@gmail.com

Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/concavityshow


Episode 41 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Tim Personn


In Episode 41, we talk to Dr. Tim Personn (in person!) from the University of Victoria about his recently-defended dissertation, "Fictions of Proximity: The Wallace Nexus in Contemporary Literature." Buckle up for a philosophical discussion, as Tim takes us on a ride through the work of Wittgenstein, Derrida, and other thinkers whose work informed Wallace's fiction and influence on the modern literary landscape. Other topics include tacos, seeing Parquet Courts live, and potential future podcast beefs!


Show Notes:

Shazia Hafiz Ramji's book Port of Beinghttps://invisiblepublishing.com/product/port-of-being/

Kieran Setiya's Midlife - http://www.ksetiya.net/midlife.html

Tim's website - timpersonn.com

Post 45 "The Dave Show" - http://post45.research.yale.edu/2011/11/the-dave-show/

Medium/Just Words "How David Lipsky Captures the Spirit of David Foster Wallace" - https://medium.com/just-words/the-dave-show-5f07c1f83a86

Tim's Twitter - https://twitter.com/timpersonn

Contact The Great Concavity:



Episode 40 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Greg Carlisle


In Episode 40, we welcome Greg Carlisle, author of the Infinite Jest commentary, Elegant Complexity, and Nature's Nightmare, an analysis of Wallace's Oblivion collection. 


Greg's books here: http://www.sideshowmediagroup.com/books/


Contact Greg: g.carlisle@moreheadstate.edu

Episode 39 - 2018 ISU David Foster Wallace Conference Review (feat. Matt Luter)


We're joined by repeat guest Matt Luter to talk about all the fun Dave missed out on at the recent Illinois State University Wallace conference, held June 7-9, 2018. Topics covered include panel recaps, anagram alter egos, karaoke highlights, and all other manner of conference scoops. Almost as good as having been there! 

Episode 38 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Mike Miley


In Episode 38 we talk again with Mike Miley, Vice President of the International David Foster Wallace Society and quiz kid extraordinaire. Topics include film, game shows, Oliver Stone, JFK assassination scoops, and hanging out with Michael Silverblatt. 

Show Notes: 

Smart Set – “Reading Wallace Reading”



Medium – “Caught in the Bandana Trap”



Medium – “The Eye of Sauron”



Critique­ – “…And Starring David Foster Wallace as Himself: Performance and Persona in The Pale King”



Mike’s Twitter: twitter.com/MikeCMiley


Episode 37 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Andrea Laurencell Sheridan & Diego Báez


In Episode 37 we welcome the Diversity Committee Coordinators from the International David Foster Wallace Society to talk about issues of representation in the writing of Wallace, and within the Wallace community itself.

Relevant links: 

As always, you can reach Dave and Matt via email at Concavityshow@gmail.com and on Twitter and Instagram @ConcavityShow 

Episode 36 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with William Beutler and Bill Lattanzi


In Episode 36 we have not one, but two special guests(!), both experts in the cartography of Infinite Jest's Boston (and beyond). William Beutler is the creative mind behind the staggeringly glorious Infinite Map (among other things), and Bill Lattanzi has led a series of walking tours in the Boston area tracing the locations of Wallace's opus, so you can see the emerging theme of the episode here. 

List of links to pertinent discussion points in the episode:

Infinite Atlas: http://infiniteatlas.com/ 

Bloomington-Normal City website: David Foster Wallace tour: http://www.visitbn.org/visit/6171/david-foster-wallace/
Engl 3001: "Walking Infinite Jest" at Boston College: http://www.walkinginfinitejest.com/
Infinite Atlas shop: https://shop.beutlerink.com/ ENTER CODE "CONCAVITY" FOR 20% DISCOUNT ON ALL PRODUCTS!
Granada House website: https://granadahouse.org/ ("An Ex-Resident's Story" by Wallace: https://granadahouse.org/testimonials/an-ex-residents-story/)
Madras Press Fogle Novella: https://gumroad.com/l/advancedtax
Aaron Swartz's Infinite Jest ending explanation: http://www.aaronsw.com/weblog/ijend
Bill Lattanzi's Twitter: https://twitter.com/blattanzi
William Beutler's Twitter: https://twitter.com/WilliamBeutler
William Beutler's podcast, Enter the Void: Website: http://enterthevoid.fm/ & Twitter: https://twitter.com/enterthepod?lang=en
William Beutler's other podcast, KubrickCast: Website: http://kubrickcast.com/ & Twitter: https://twitter.com/KubrickCast


Matt and Dave can be reached at the following places:
Twitter: @concavityshow
Instagram: @concavityshow
Matt Twitter: @mattbucher
Dave Twitter: @dave__laird

Episode 35 - 2017 Year in Review


In this episode, we stray a bit off our usual Wallacian course (but not too far) to discuss our literary and pop-culture highlights from the last solar revolution. 

Links we said we'd share:

Robyn O'Neil's 20 Years of Drawingshttps://www.archonprojects.com/shop/robyn-oneil-20-years-of-drawings

Me Reading Stuff podcast by Robyn O'Neil: https://www.robynoneil.com/me-reading-stuff

George Saunders' "Sea Oak": http://www.barcelonareview.com/20/e_gs.htm

The Great Concavity's Best Music of 2017 playlists: 

Bottom's Dream Twitter page: https://twitter.com/BottomsMeme

In post-production, Dave realizes he'd mentioned we'd discuss video games we liked this year, but we forgot to do this, so games we played and liked include:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch)
  • Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch)
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)
  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Nintendo Switch)
  • Shovel Knight (Nintendo Switch, etc.)
  • Cuphead (Xbox One)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)
  • Overwatch (PS4)
  • Nuclear Throne (PS4)
  • Crawl (PS4, etc.)
  • Darkest Dungeon (PS4, etc.)
  • Nidhogg 2 (PS4)

Episode 34 - Discussing OzWallace with Nick Maniatis and Tony Mcmahon


In this episode we're joined by friends Nick and Tony to discuss Australia's first ever David Foster Wallace conference, which was held in Melbourne during September 1-3, 2017. Following a discussion of the conference proceedings, join auxillary Concavityite Nick Maniatis as he interviews a host of presenters live from the conference weekend. Huge thanks go to Nick for towing his microphone around and getting all the juicy details for those of us who couldn't attend, and to Tony for organizing the conference! 

Nick Maniatis' DFW website, The Howling Fantodshttp://www.thehowlingfantods.com/dfw/ (with day-by-day conference recaps) 

Conference Abstracts and presenter bios: https://tinyurl.com/y9n8hu79

Conference Schedule: https://tinyurl.com/yc5mjclc

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OzWallace2017/


Samatha Wallace's new podcast, Circulating Spaceshttps://pages.shanti.virginia.edu/Circulating_Spaces/podcasts/

TGC listener Scarlett Sims defeating Austin Rogers on Jeopardy!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nck0RW1AbFU


Contact The Great Concavity:

Email - concavityshow@gmail.com

Twitter - @concavityshow (https://twitter.com/concavityshow)

Instagram - @concavityshow (https://www.instagram.com/concavityshow)



Episode 33 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Allard den Dulk


In this episode we talk with Allard about philosophy and film in relation to the work of Wallace, and to lesser extent, Dave Eggers and Jonathan Safran Foer. Dr. Allard den Dulk is Lecturer in Philosophy, Literature and Film at Amsterdam University College, and Research Fellow at the Faculty of Humanities of the VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He is the author of Existentialist Engagement in Wallace, Eggers and Foer, which is a significant topic of our conversation as well. Other topics include what it's like to show up unannounced at J.S. Foer's personal residence, and DFW cosplay.

Allard's website is: http://www.allarddendulk.nl/

His book, published by Bloomsbury, is available here: https://www.bloomsbury.com/us/existentialist-engagement-in-wallace-eggers-and-foer-9781501322679/

Episode 32 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Shazia Hafiz Ramji


In this episode we talk to award-winning Vancouver poet and writer Shazia Hafiz Ramji about her three consecutive stints as a guide for Infinite Jest online community reads (Poor Yorick's Summer, Sacred Jest, and the recent Ennet House), as well as her own writing and the influence of DFW.

You can find her on Twitter at @Shazi_R

Her chapbook is Prosopopoeia

Poor Yorick's Summer on Twitter at @poor_summer

Sacred Jest on Twitter at @SacredJest

Ennet House on Twitter at @infinitejestyvr 

Episode 31 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Matt Luter


In this episode we speak with Matthew Luter, DFW scholar and author of Understanding Jonathan Lethemhttps://www.sc.edu/uscpress/books/2015/7512.html

We discuss the state of DFW studies, academia, and Matt's paper at this year's DFW Conference. Matt's paper deals with, among other things, Rita Felski's work and Kevin Birmingham's book on Ulysses, "The Most Dangerous Book."

We also make mention of Sidney Peterson's 1947 experimental film "The Cage" which you can watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXEW_ZCqWsc

You can follow Matt on Twitter at @matthewjluter.


Episode 30 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Grace Chipperfield


In this episode we are joined by Australian Wallace scholar Grace Chipperfield of Flinders University, whose recent work on Wallace deals with the concepts of protracted adolescence and political landscape in Wallace's writing. The recent DFW17 conference and her experience there is also discussed, as is the possible vampireness of Australian politicians (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmqKSKDfSSQ). 

Episode 29 - Live from the ISU David Foster Wallace Conference, featuring Charlie Harris and Jim Plath


On our first live episode (recorded in front of conference attendees at the fourth annual DFW conference at Illinois State University) we talk to Charlie Harris and Jim Plath about the life and legacy of Wallace, give some prizes away, and feature live music for the very first time on the show. 

You can also watch the Facebook live video stream, which is archived for posterity, at the top of the page here: https://www.facebook.com/concavityshow/



Episode 28 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Lucas Thompson


In this episode we are joined by Wallace scholar Lucas Thompson

Lucas Thompson is the author of the new book Global Wallace (Bloomsbury) which is the first volume in a new series called "David Foster Wallace Studies" edited by Stephen Burn. Global Wallace centers around the often overlooked sources of influence on Wallace's work. Thompson explores Wallace's connection and borrowing from Manuel Puig, Dostoevsky, hip hop culture, and many others.

Thompson is a Research Fellow at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, Australia. He has published articles in Texas Studies in Literature and Language, Journal of American Studies, The Cormac McCarthy Journal, and Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction. Forthcoming book chapters appear in The Cambridge Companion to David Foster Wallace, MLA Approaches to Teaching: David Foster Wallace, and MLA Approaches to Teaching: Jewish American Fiction. His reviews have appeared in US Studies Online, The European Legacy, and Philament, and he has also written for The LA Review of Books.


Global Wallace


Episode 27 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Jill Braithwaite


This time we talk to our friend Jill Braithwaite, a Wallace scholar who wrote her Masters thesis on Infinite Jest and its connections to the ideas of theologian Paul Tillich and Unitarian Universalism. She is on Twitter here

Jill mentions a sermon she gave (in which Wallace's Kenyon speech makes a sigificant appearance), which can be found here

Episode 26: Discussing David Foster Wallace with Jeff Severs


In this episode, we talk with Jeff Severs, author of the excellent new book David Foster Wallace’s Balancing Books: Fictions of Value, published by Columbia University Press. Severs is associate professor of English at the University of British Columbia, Canada, Convexity.

Severs is also a noted Pynchon scholar, author of a number of scholarly articles and co-editor of a book about Against the Day.

His website can be found at https://jeffreysevers.wordpress.com/


Show Notes

1:00 - Introductions

2:40 - Austinites

3:34 - James Manguson

5:00 - MFA programs

6:10 - Mary Carter - the name Matt was trying to think of

7:50 - Overview of the book

9:05 - Balance in general

10:05 - Axiology - study of valuation

13:06 - Heidegger defines axios

17:18 - A Tripartite writer

26:26 - A biographical approach

34:15 - Juxtaposing hard labor with a dissolute consumerist society

40:31 - GQ, Obama, rhetoric, 2008

46:53 - The civic vision of the Pale King

1:35:40 - Jeff correctly picks Moonlight as the Best Picture winner!

Episode 25 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Lee Konstantinou


This time, we talk to our friend Lee Konstantinou, a contemporary US literature scholar who has published significantly on Wallace. His new book Cool Characters is available now from Harvard University Press.

Episode 24 - 2016 Year in Review


As is the tradition, Dave and Matt take a minor detour (at times) from the usual topic of David Foster Wallace to discuss their personal highlights and favorite literary and pop cultural items of 2016.

Show notes:

00:27 - The Nightmare: 2016

02:08 - Matt knows books, Dave knows everything else

03:29 - Phone addiction

04:02 - Personal years in review

09:52 - Go to the 2017 David Foster Wallace Conference

11:15 - Sports, or lack thereof

14:59 - The International DFW Literary Society (dfwsociety.org)

21:20 - Matt’s favorite books of 2016

30:54 -Dave’s favorite books of 2016

38:04 - Netrunner Worlds and Dave’s appearance on Boards Alive - (starts 1:24:39)

38:59 - More of Matt’s favorite books (and a footnote about Bill Gates)

41:54 - The proliferation of monographs on DFW

42:40 - Dave’s favorite music of 2016 with Great Concavity bonus playlist

53:44 - Our favorite films of 2016

59:02 - More of Matt’s favorite books of the year (mostly biographies)

1:09:03 - 2016, the 20th Anniversary of Infinite Jest

1:12:50 - Television in 2016

1:22:53 - Board games in 2016

1:27:48 - Passing over video games

1:28:03 - Wrap up


Matt Bucher contact

Twitter & Instagram: @mattbucher

Website: mattbucher.com


Dave Laird contact

Twitter: @dave__laird

Instagram: @davelaird


Email us: concavityshow@gmail.com

Episode 23 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts



In this episode we speak with the multi-talented writer and musician Andrew Savage of the band Parquet Courts. Their song “Instant Disassembly” opens and closes each episode of our podcast, but more importantly, Andrew is a super-literate dude who is capable of expounding on almost any topic.

Here is the video that Dave mentions of George Saunders’ appearance on The Charlie Rose show: https://charlierose.com/videos/23703 (DFW discussion starts at 40:54).

Check out Parquet Courts on Spotify or Apple Music or YouTube or just shout their name out the nearest window.

Their official website is https://parquetcourts.wordpress.com/


Show notes

01:54 - Why Dave chose “Instant Disassembly” as our intro song

01:55 - Thematic relation between DFW’s writing and “Instant Disassembly”

01:56 - There’s ennui but it’s also a really bitchin’ song

02:45 - Madonna’s “Like a Prayer”

03:46 - Bookworm’s theme song

08:35 - Growing up in Denton, Texas

09:53 - Austin Brown

13:30 - The Marked Men

14:40 - The Parking Lot set in Charlottesville

16:53 - Where did we play in Vancouver

18:49 - Parquet courts in The Garden and basketball

20:08 - Influenced by fiction

22:14 - Coming to Wallace, an intro thereto

23:52 - IJ/DFW influences everything

25:31 - The anxiety of influence, nah

29:56 - What to hold back

32:12 - Trump is a germaphobe

33:23 - The labor issues of being a musician

36:08 - New Sincerity discussion

39:13 - Parquet Courts and the Irony of Blah Blah Blah

43:45 - What makes a good performance

44:41 - Smaller venues

46:13 - Dealing with cynicism

48:12 - Favorite Wallace stuff

51:30 - The Depressed Person: parody or not?

55:30 - The existential angst of the modern condition

57:03 - We’ve all got holes to fill

58:40 - In search of lost time

1:02:00 - Listening to music the way we read

1:03:49 - The Big Ship on repeat

1:05:00 - Cate Le Bon

1:06:01 - Opposite Sex from New Zealand & Hamlet

1:07:40 - Glasgow has a grid system

1:08:56 - Favorite books & movies - Knausgaard

1:10:43 - Eva Hesse’s diaries

1:13:01 - A movie discussion ensues

1:14:19 - The song North Dakota

1:17:23 - How to finish things

1:28:30 - Easter egg

Episode 22 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Nicolas Giacobone



In this episode with talk with Academy-Award winning screenwriter and DFW fan Nicolás Giacobone. Nico is best known as the co-writer of Iñarritu's Birdman and Biutiful, but he's also a writer of fiction and a serious reader.

If you have not seen the movie Birdman, it is strongly advised that you do so.

In this episode we discuss his grandfather's filmography, literary influences, Manu Ginobli, and many other things.  

Books and writers mentioned include Alberto Laiseca, John Updike, Don DeLillo, George Saunders, and Michael Ondaatje's Coming Through Slaughter among others. 

Contact us: concavityshow@gmail.com

Show notes: 

00:042 - background and introductions

02:16 - writing for television is painful

03:41 - Like Ed Wood, he was his own extra

09:08 - Homer and Dostoevsky and Cervantes

22:22 - movie writing is collaborative by nature

28:19 - San Antonio Spurs and ego

32:20 - In Latin America, everything is sold with a handshake

33:40 - Treating writing like work

35:08 - Ruth Reichl and DFW

43:40 - Never wrote another novel

49:00 - Six minute takes

53:01 - Tortured artist whose biggest obstacle is himself

54:00 - Free time and they write bullshit

57:07 - Aaron Swartz's theory of IJ

1:04:26 - We can't do math

1:08:11 - Plenty of good books are forgotten

1:12:01 - The 160-page version of CivilWarLand in Bad Decline

1:15:19 - Sergio de la Pava

1:22:06 - The Internet as a tool

1:28:00 - Mario Bellatin

1:32:32 - Moving past Bolaño's influence

1:36:46 - Make fun of Shakespeare

1:37:59 - Comparing Birdman and Infinite Jest

1:39:56 - IJ is impossible to film

1:45:55 - Easter egg: technical difficulties


Episode 21 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Clare Hayes-Brady




In this episode we talk with Wallace scholar Clare Hayes-Brady about her new book The Unspeakable Failures of David Foster Wallace.


She is Lecturer in American Literature at University College, Dublin.

We discuss a variety of issues in this episode including bad endings, DFW Studies, Ricoeur, love, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and assorted other things.

You can find her on Twitter https://twitter.com/ClareHayesBrady


Show notes

00:30 - Byzantine Erotica right off the bat

01:30 - Spelling of Quebecois

02:30 - UCD vs TCD

04:01 - The Unspeakable Failures

05:01 - Noncompletion, the lack of closure

05:45 - A Failed Entertainment

08:30 - Short Story Theory, resistance to closure

10:39 - We don’t have neat narratives

13:00 - How can you be done with something?

14:26 - Starting IJ again

15:20 - The peripheral stuff

16:27 - Was IJ/DFW narcissistic?

19:10 - The empathetic connection with readers

20:38 - Incoherent need to communicate

22:21 - The problem with romantic relationships--and Anne Geddes

25:21 - Misogyny from a place of fear

26:36 - The Granola Cruncher

30:53 - The silencing of female characters

31:02 - The Lionel Shriver issue

35:18 - A poorly disguised avatar

35:45 - Hungerford piece

37:02 - The Joycean Boys Club

39:59 - The C-word

44:42 - Inhabiting other minds

45:29 - Hurston not explaining things

47:26 - White male protagonists. . . groan

48:46 - VIDA count and the equivalent awareness

50:01 - Separating the artist from the art

51:29 - Ferrante & Knausgaard

55:36 - Writing beyond his own perspective

56:20 - Hardcore Theory Weenies

58:41 - Conflating a couple of paradoxes

59:59 - A fascinating disaster of a book

1:01:54 - The conclusions of the failures

1:04:40 - First attempt in Learning

1:05:08 - Post on Poor Yorick’s Summer

1:05:30 - Honest Ulsterman and motherhood

1:08:40 - Easter Egg

Episode 20: Discussing David Foster Wallace with John Mango


In this episode we talk with John Mango. John is a teacher and a scholar but in this episode we talk a lot about recovery, AA membership, depression, and alcoholism--perennial DFW subjects all around.

01:07 - Twenty episodes in a year

02:02 - Introducing John Mango

04:01 - John Grisham paperbacks

05:05 - Joseph Heller, Thomas Pynchon, Cormac McCarthy

06:30 - A comforting loss and depression

08:30 - Terry Eagleton & the role of literature

11:22 - Discovering Wallace after death

13:15 - We feel like we know him

14:14 - Can you even talk about AA?

15:25 - Hiding stuff all the time

16:29 - Humility

17:30 - Separating the biography from the writing?

18:20 - Alcohol & Poetry, John Berryman

19:48 - Sharing and honesty and irony

21:11 - The Big Book is IJ

22:14 - William James, Religious Experience

25:39 - AA and agnosticism

26:02 - G.O.D. = Group of Drunks

26:25 - It all comes down to pragmatism

27:15 - Gately saving Randy Lenz, a program of action

29:04 - The gift of desperation

31:30 - St. Anselm

33:00 - Gately enjoys riding with the crocodiles

37:31 - Big Craig

38:10 - Interview with Deb Larson-Venable, the real Pat Montesian

39:43 - How John came in

41:09 - Gratitude? Seriously?

44:58 - A giant love letter to AA

48:44 - It sounds like a cliche

51:20 - A favorite part of Infinite Jest

54:05 - Fleeting mention of Trump, sorry

54:44 - Fake cliche motto

57:40 - Burlington, Vermont & Hebron, Connecticut

59:01 - Norwalk virus

1:00:11 - The Joke in Infinite Jest

1:02:13 - Vocabulary of emotional literacy

1:03:56 - The problem of solipsism

1:07:07 - @callmejohnmango, Facebook, The Blog - https://hazardsofthecourse.wordpress.com/

1:10:23 - Destigmatizing the disease

1:11:13 - Android Netrunner

Episode 19 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Rachel Laird & Amy Pelletier


In this episode, Dave and Matt start by catching up about the recent photo caption contest winner and entries, Dairy Queen, Flannery O'Connor conferences, and the distinguished list of famous writers Matt has met. Then, our guests Amy and Rachel talk to Dave about their recent experiences reading Infinite Jest for the first time. 

Episode 18 - Discussing Infinite Jest with Sean Pratt


In this episode we speak with audiobook narrator extraordinaire, Sean Pratt. Sean is the narrator of the 56-hour-long audiobook of Infinite Jest. He has also narrated over 800 other books. Believe it or not, Infinite Jest is not even the longest book Sean has narrated! We discuss the mechanics of recording, the different voices in the book, the endnotes issue, what it takes to become an audiobook narrator, and many other things

You can find Sean on Twitter at @SPPresents and his website http://www.SeanPrattPresents.com

Show Notes

2:06 - Sean Pratt’s background & how he got the part

7:04 - So you want to be an audiobook narrator

10:01 - The economics of recording an audiobook

13:30 - A state of “flow”

16:24 - How many hours did this really take?

20:51 - When we first meet Ken Erdedy

24:30 - Acting vs. Reading: Tom Robbins

28:04 - A silk purse out of a sow’s ear

32:01 - Reading the paratext & The Four Voices of Nonfiction

35:10 - Just skip the endnotes: a debate

41:50 - No really, how to do the endnotes?

44:02 - Blood Sister: One Tough Nun & comedy

47:50 - Do you listen to yourself?

50:38 - Always Be Entertaining

52:52 - How to navigate all the voices

58:10 - Don’t do it like a puppet show

59:15 - Hal watching a video cartridge

1:01:15 - Some of Sean’s best audiobooks

1:06:25 - Speed vs. Tempo

1:12:20 - To honor the text

1:16:15 - Easter egg

Episode 17.2 - David Foster Wallace Conference 2016 Recap Show - Part 2


In Part 2 of this episode we look back at the 3rd Annual David Foster Wallace Conference, held at Illinois State University July 28-30. We talk with a number of DFW scholars and conference attendees. 

In this episode are interviews with Melissa Holton, Jane Carman, Emily Spalding & Josh Katz, Tony McMahon, Ryan Marnane, and Rob Short & Chris Ayers. 

Last day for photo caption contest entries is end of day Aug 31st, so post on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Winner to be determined shortly thereafter.

Show Notes:

00:00:55 - Melissa Holton - @maccalisa17

00:12:27 - Jane Carman - festivalwriter.org

00:21:40 - Josh Katz & Emily Spalding - @ewspalding

00:41:17 - Tony McMahon - @tony_mcmahon2

00:59:57 - Ryan Marnane - @ryanmarnane

1:20:00 - Chris Ayers & Rob Short - @chrisAcreative pooryorickentertainment.tumblr.com & @vismeainlabore

Episode 17.1 - David Foster Wallace Conference 2016 Recap Show - Part 1


In Part 1 of this two-part episode we look back at the 3rd Annual David Foster Wallace Conference, held at Illinois State University. We talk with a number of DFW scholars and conference attendees. 

In this episode are interviews with keynote speaker Marshall Boswell, Michael O'Connell, Jeff Severs, Corrie Baldauf, Matt Luter, Mike Miley, and Samantha Wallace. 

Show notes:
00:00:45 - Recap of our respective summers
00:05:30 - The Inkiest Black
00:06:55 - Online communities
00:10:30 - 4th Annual Conference
00:15:01 - photo caption contest
00:17:18 - Interview with Michael O'Connell
00:27:51 - Interview with Marshall Boswell
00:29:00 - Cambridge Companion to David Foster Wallace, edited by Ralph Clare
00:38:20 - Interview with Jeff Severs
00:50:57 - Interview with Corrie Baldauf

01:04:37 - Interview with Matt Luter
01:17:03 - Interview with Mike Miley
01:30:53 - Interview with Samantha 'No Relation' Wallace

People notes:
Michael O'Connell, Siena Heights University

Marshall Boswell, author of Understanding David Foster Wallace

Corrie Baldauf 

Matt Luter, author of Understanding Jonathan Lethem
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
Twitter: @matthewjluter

Mike Miley

Samantha Wallace, University of Virginia

Episode 16 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Edmund Waldstein


In this episode, we talk with Pater Edmund Waldstein. 

He is a Cistercian monk at a monastery in Austria and a David Foster Wallace scholar. 
We talk about religion and morals and a number of other related issues in Wallace's work. 

His blog is an excellent resource for his writing about Wallace and other topics: https://sancrucensis.wordpress.com/

Pater Edmund is on Twitter @sancrucensis

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