Episode 55 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Christian TeBordo, author of Ghost Engine and Toughlahoma


In Episode 55, we're joined by writer Christian TeBordo, author of the recent short story collection Ghost Engine, and novel Toughlahoma. He's the director of the creative writing program at Roosevelt University in Chicago, and a colleague and friend of recent guests Adam Levin and Kyle Beachy. 


You can buy his excellent books here: 


Ghost Engine - bookshop.org/books/ghost-engine-stories/9781732366732


Toughlahoma - bookshop.org/books/toughlahoma/9780986086908


You can read some of his short fiction here:


"The Star Thrower-Thrower" https://www.alwayscrashing.com/current/2018/3/26/the-star-thrower-thrower




"How We Lived on Mainstreet" https://vol1brooklyn.com/2018/12/02/sunday-stories-how-we-lived-on-main-street/


Christian on Twitter: https://twitter.com/xtebordo



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